Outdoor Decorating – Resort Style Living in Your Own Backyard

When people go away on vacation to a resort, spa hotel or cruise, they usually come home wanting to go back. How can you blame them? They just spent a week or sometimes more in a resort, relaxing pool side on an outdoor chaise lounge or outdoor daybed, with their friends or family, having the time of their lives. You get home and miss the time you just spent. You sit back at your home and think about what made your time so special. This is when you realize, that it was not the tropical island that you miss, but rather the setting of the resort, hotel or cruise ship, that was created for their guests. The pool, chaise lounges, and daybeds are all amenities of a resort that is there for your pleasure. You think about your homes backyard and realize that these things are missing, so you ask yourself…. How can I bring a resort like setting to my home?

A pool is rather expensive, and if you do not already have one, this is something that takes a lot of planning, time, and money. But there are a few things that you can add to your homes backyard that are quick, easy, take very little planning, and will give you that feeling that you are missing. The outdoor daybed is becoming very popular with home owners. They are great for relaxing on, as well as for parties, and they look awesome. This will give your homes backyard a resort like feeling and look, quickly turning your backyard into a resort like outdoor living area. Outdoor daybeds come in many different styles, sizes and prices, making it real easy to find something to fit your needs. They can hold anywhere from 1 person to 5 people comfortably, making them the hit of your next party. The mattress cushions are made with open cell foam that will allow water to drain through and will resist mold and mildew, keeping your daybed dry for maximum comfort. The cushions are wrapped with Sunbrella fabric that helps repel water. Any water that is not repelled is absorbed by the open cell cushion and drained through the bottom. Outdoor daybed frames are constructed of aluminum and wrapped in a synthetic material that is UV fade resistant, to ensure longevity of your investment. The outdoor daybed is very comfortable to relax on and will give you the look, and the feeling like you are back in the resort, that you miss so much. wood daybed

Now that you have your outdoor daybed in place, you realize that you need some more seating in your resort like outdoor living area. This is where you can add some outdoor chaise lounges to your outdoor living area. Tying in some outdoor chaise lounges will help finish the look of your outdoor living area, giving your guests a few more places to relax, and will really help finish the resort like look in which you are trying to achieve. Make sure that your¬†outdoor chaise lounge¬†chairs coordinate the style of your outdoor daybed, and of course it all has to coordinate the style of your home. Add a few outdoor garden planters, plant them with palms, and banana plants to bring it all together, and your resort like outdoor living area is complete. Now you can sit back and enjoy your newly designed backyard, which now looks like a resort, and you can feel like you are on vacation right at home……. Enjoy!


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