Humanist Funeral Services

Funeral service planning commonly has the body of the deceased present in an open or closed casket depending on what the surviving family members decide. It can be a traditional ceremony like those that are provided by certain denominations such as the Catholic, Protestant or Jewish faiths. pemakaman muslim

The funeral service can be a combination of whatever the family desires and wants to include. There are various ways a family can commemorate their loved one. They can meet at a home to remember and share memories about their loved one or includes songs, readings, and eulogy to include such memories.

Multiple services can also be held. If a person dies in one state and has lived there for many years but has family and grown up in another state, there can be two services held. This allows all those who knew them to be able to pay their last respects and pay tribute to their life.

Private funeral services are also appropriate should you desired to hold a private service for a child or baby. Often these types of ceremonies help in the healing of the grieving process. Video presentations featuring highlights of a deceased life is another great way families are using to honor a loved one.

Funeral programs for the service are essential and it may be the only form of tangible item left from the final celebration of a life. Don’t skimp on this little detail as often it is a crucial part of closure for a person’s life.


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