Desktop Wallpapers – Background Image

Desktop Wallpapers
It is the background you see behind all your menus, dialog boxes and files: your virtual desk. It is an image used as a background on a computer screen, generally for the desktop of a graphical user interface

Wallpapers and Our Mood

Whenever somebody connects with computers, usually his first step is to create pleasant working atmosphere in his virtual space.

Wallpaper has direct impact on our mood and nature. We feel happy when we see the natural beauty. If you go to a place where you find mountains, snow and lots of trees, you will feel good there.

Similarly, wallpapers play an extremely vital role when it comes to mood. We can place a lion’s wallpaper to feel the power of a lion or any wallpaper you are passionate about which will help you to keep working for your passion. You will notice that it helps immensely to control your feelings and you don’t get bored.

Download Wallpapers

There are many places over the internet where you can find nice wallpapers. But you might have a hard time finding the good ones.

How to Change the Wallpaper

It is easy and it is fun. You just need to right click on your main screen and go to “Properties”. Click the “Desktop” tab then click “Browse” button and browse to the place where you have saved your wallpaper. Click OK and you are done.

You can also directly select the given wallpapers or images from “Background” area or box. However, you might not be able to find the desired wallpaper in this case.

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