Commercial Property Attracts Investors More Than Historical Buildings

The part of Minsk, which was built in the 40s-50s, is so-called “architecture forever”. The houses are notable for their adjust lines and monumental look that is elegant. Why not to take Officers’ house, for example, or Opera house, which was built in accordance with I.G. Langbard’s plans.

Then there followed utility years. Architects were forced to standardized house planning. Any attempts to introduce something unusual or any ornaments were suppressed by people who had little to do with architecture but had enough power over it. While building standard model “boxes” they wanted to give everyone a place to live. However, today it is clear that they failed to provide everyone with a flat and awful “boxes” remained on their places. Historical Buildings in Calgary

In today’s modern architecture there appeared own trends and fashion on glass and concrete, on commercial objects, shopping and entertaining centers honestly leads to gradual disappearance of those wretched remnants of “old Minsk”, which were preserved somehow.

Yes, commercial property attracts investors more than historical buildings the skillful restoration of which demands a considerable amount of money. Not everyone could agree to do that just for the sake of history. It is much more profitable to build business centers. Mr. Abdo Romeo Abdo, who is the head of one of investment companies realizing investment projects in Minsk, confirms this statement.

One Israeli company carries out the preparation and further building of a big business centre Minsk-City on the territory of present-day airport Minsk 1. This will entail pulling down of some buildings adjacent to the airport, including buildings of architectural value.

One can dispute a lot if this right or wrong. According to one of the leading Minsk architects, “Today they build commercial. However, it is not architecture at all. Architecture should be taken a good look at and enjoyed. What is there to take a good look at?”

Anyway, modern Minsk is a mixture of styles and elegance together with undisguised lack of taste, antiquities and imitations, monograms and moldings next to high-tech, originality within typicalness. Whoever refers to it, Minsk attracts people like a magnet anyway. Therefore, it will grow and change further. Hopefully it will change for the better.

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