Modern Locks For Office File Cabinets – Which One to Choose?

Several office file cabinets come with a pre-installed keyed lock to add safety to the unit. There are two basic kinds of locks, which are the cam and the plunger. A cam lock functions when a key rotates the lock. On the other hand, a plunger functions with a key as well but can be closed by simply sinking the body of the lock. There have been numerous basic locks available for filing cabinets, but for ultra confidential and important files that need added security, more modern units are a must.

There is now a wide range of modern units available for use with office filing cabinets. Some find combination locks much more effective in terms of high security and convenience. There are products that, when utilized, unique locking features will be employed together with standard drawer catches on the side of the drawers in vertical files. These are referred to as manipulation-proof combination locks. Then there are even more sophisticated combination units, which present 3 levels of function, such as dual operation, presenting literally millions of potential combinations. cabinet cam lock

Aside from modern combination type you should also consider the electronic ones. An electronic units typically has a master code, where you can easily manage who can unlock the file cabinet by deleting, adding or altering more than 5 different user codes. You’ll also be able to lock your drawers automatically when the lock is closed.

As you can see the millions of combinations and highly customizable modern locks make it virtually impossible for manipulation or tampering to occur. You can easily find these modern locks for office file cabinets online.

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