Body Massage: Where To Put The Oil Bottle

We all know the benefits of giving someone a massage. Everyone also knows about the benefits and usage of the massaging oil (for lubrication purposes). But have you ever thought about the oil bottle placement? Most people think it is not a big issue when thinking about where to put the bottle. But actually, it is.

Basically, there are 2 spots where you can put the oil bottle. 강남안마

1. Placing the bottle next to the person receiving the massage

This might seem like the best place to put it. It is very easy to reach for the oil. But you are at risk of accidentally knocking it down and causing the oil to spill or worse, break the oil bottle.

2. Placing the bottle somewhere far

For example, you could opt to put it on the floor. This way, you reduce the odds of the oil spilling to none. But there is clearly one disadvantage. You can’t reach for it easily. For example, if your client is on the massage table, you would have to bend down and reach for the oil on the floor every time you need it. This can be tiring and time consuming to do.

The question is, where should you put the oil bottle, ideally?

The answer is wherever you feel comfortable.

The other thing that matters, bottle cap

Take note of how easy it is to open and close the lid. Some bottles don’t have lids. Instead, you simply have to squeeze the oil out from its tip. This is much preferred. If the bottle has a wide opening, chances are you will more likely to over pour the oil.


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